What box?

21 October 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

While talking to Iain in a break during his exclusively print presentation to Thames Valley Centre on 20 October 2014, I commented on how his work showed how he ‘thought outside the box’. He looked a little puzzled, as if he didn’t understand the idea of only thinking ‘inside’ the box.

Iain’s work, and his presentation, opened our eyes to new possibilities when it comes to creativity and approach. For me, two thoughts predominated. One was the notion of different presentation styles rather than doing the same as everyone else. Aperture mounts were not seen here! Multiple images in a matrix? The sky’s the limit – anything up to 30 or more images together. In a neat rectangle? Why not have an odd one or two out of place, or arrange them in a cascaded crescent? Torn edges? Don’t fake it – just take a saw-blade to the paper!
Of course, you’d expect an FRPS to be at the top of the tree when it comes to the technical side too. But – and here’s the second surprise - Iain was proud of his simplistic approach. Did he use a dSLR? No, ‘just’ a pocketable Lumix with a fixed lens. Where did he keep his images? On multiple SD cards, straight out of his camera, with labels on. Backups? Doesn’t bother – if he loses some images he will just take some more. RAW images? No, just JPEGs. Printer settings and profiling? Iain just ‘presses the button and out it comes. So refreshing! Iain says it’s all “so easy”, and, of his images “just a bit of fun”.
Iain found many of his images in places most of us don’t even notice. He might travel to the out reaches of the Scottish islands and end up with a stunning matrix of close-up images of a crash barrier he happened to ‘find’.
Iain broke just about every rule in the book. I’m thinking it’s time to tear up the rule book!
Thank you, Iain, for a truly engaging and eye-opening morning.

Words and photo by Alan Cross LRPS